5 Ways to Increase Your Morning Productivity

To my surprise, I’ve become quite the morning person. It could be because I have to wake up at a disgusting hour every day of the week. I like to think it’s because I like to milk each day for what it’s worth. Today, I’m sharing a few of the ways I like to start my mornings off on the right foot and increase my morning productivity.

increase morning productivity

Get Up and Go

How many times have you decided you were going to wake up early, only to hit snooze 5 times before actually waking up? Stop wasting those beautiful morning hours of the day! Instead, set a realistic wake-up time. Then, when your alarm goes off, don’t hit snooze. As difficult as it might seem, just getting up isn’t so bad. The sooner you get up and start moving, the more refreshed you will feel.

Get Hydrated

One of the first things you should do upon waking up is drink a glass of water. This will get your metabolism up and running for the day. It will also re-hydrate your dehydrated brain, ridding you of that groggy feeling you might get in the morning. But, don’t stop there– continue to drink water throughout the day. It is so good for your skin, body, and mind!

Make a List

Instead of plopping on the couch and scrolling through social media, give your day some direction. Make a list of the most important things you want to get done that day. This will help your focus your mind and energy on your goals each morning.

Set an Intention

Continuing with the theme of mindfulness, it can be so helpful to set an intention each morning. It can be something as simple as “I will be positive today,” or “I will invest in myself today.” Remind yourself of this intention as the day goes on. This will lift your spirits, streamline your energy, and help you stay mindful of what is important to you that day.

Start the Night Before

Tie up any loose ends before you go to bed each night. Finish your chores, check everything off of your to-do list, and make sure you go to bed with a clean slate. By leaving the past in the past, you can begin each new day with a fresh perspective and open mind.

What’s your secret to having a productive morning? Let me know in the comments!


  • Great post! I find that if I lay out an outfit, perfume, and some make-up the night before, I generally will look forward to the day more. It helps me get out of bed quicker and feel good about myself! 🙂

    • Having something to look forward to like that definitely helps!

  • Jessica Lynn

    Excellent tips! I dream of the day when I can press snooze again (two little kids keep me on my toes), but I do almost everything else on here! I also find that making coffee the night before, and having the timer go off shortly after I wake up helps motivate me to get going. It’s nice knowing I have a nice hot cup of coffee waiting for me!

    • I use that trick too! The smell entices me out of bed.

  • I need to start making my morning smoothie and lunch the night before so I am not late and rushing in the morning…I normally pick out an outfit the night before worth, though! I have become quite the morning person as well actually…

    • That’s a great idea! I’ve heard of people cutting up smoothie ingredients and freezing them in Ziploc bags overnight. Looks like a time saver.

      • Yes definitely is- we do that when we dont finish a banana we freeze them then use them for smoothies

  • Great post! Love these tips’

  • Being productive is always a miss or hit for me. I can have the same schedule each day but that never means I am as productive as the day before. I found working out first thing in the morning helps. I think it’s because I get that out of the way and then I feel a huge accomplishment the rest of the day.

    • I agree! Working out also boosts my confidence. That usually helps me get more done!

  • Mindfulness is such a big player in productivity! I know it also always helps me to have a list!

    • Yes! I’m so glad I discovered the practice of mindfulness. It has made all the difference.

  • jennyblaisdell

    These are all great tips! I need to start drinking a glass of water right when I wake up.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • You’ll notice such a difference! It wakes me up right away.

  • Staying hydrated is so important I love that it made the list!

  • I’ve never thought about drinking water first thing — just coffee, lol. Good tips! I also like the idea of starting each day with a list. I always have a mental one, but it would be good to get it on paper.

    • I always drink a full glass of water before my coffee!

  • Leslie

    Maybe I should try to set an intention tomorrow morning. I never want to wake up when the alarm goes off but once in up in ok.

    • Definitely! Think of your intention tonight, even. Then, make sure repeat it to yourself tomorrow!

  • reinventingjess

    Fantastic tips. I am the worst at mornings. If I’m not hitting my snooze button, then I’m sleeping right through my alarm. But you’re 100% right. When I manage to just get up and not snooze, my morning (and usually entire day) goes so much better. But my favorite tip is to make your daily to-do list before social media – as a blogger, I have the bad habit of grabbing my coffee while checking notifications on my phone and then going straight to my computer before I ever give my day direction. From now on, I’m going to try to sit quietly with my coffee and bullet journal before I ever check those notifications or turning on my computer! Thanks so much!

    • Awesome! I’ve heard a lot about bullet journaling recently, but I don’t quite understand what it is. Any insight?

  • These are awesome tips! The most difficult part is just getting up and not hitting snooze! Sleeping away from the phone definitely helps me! Thanks for sharing!

    • It’s especially easy to hit snooze when you have nothing to look forward to upon waking up.

  • I always start my morning with a big glass of fresh squeezed lemon water with a little cayenne pepper and syrup. Great way to rehydrate, boost your metabolism and Detox from the night before!

    • Interesting! I never would think to add those ingredients to my water. What syrup do you use? I’d like to try this.

  • I must remember these! I want to be more intentional with my morning routine, these are great tips! Especially staying hydrated, I struggle with that.

    • A tip I use to stay hydrated is always having a water bottle on me. I bought a 30 oz bottle so I don’t have to run to the sink as often to fill it up!

  • I recognized myself in every word you said, I am definitely guilty of snoozing, not hydrating, and not starting off with the right intention. Thank you for making me see that I am hindering myself and my productivity – I vow to do better tomorrow!