5 Tricks to Becoming a Morning Person

I love my mornings. They’re relaxing, rejuvenating, and they add more productivity to my day. Though, mornings can be rough, especially when you’re not a “morning person.” I never was one. But, now that I’m a teacher, I’m usually up before the crack of dawn in order to get to work before 7:00 in the morning. At first, it was rough. However, now that I have a few years under my belt, I’ve figured out just what it takes to get me up at at ’em before the sun rises. Here are some of my secrets!

becoming a morning person

Start the Night Before

No one ever had a good morning after having a restless night! That’s why a productive morning starts with your night routine. This helps your body relax and prepare for the next day. I like to go to bed with enough time to read a few chapters in a book and enjoy a cup of tea. Meditation can also help relax the mind and promote a good night’s rest. For more tips for a better night’s sleep, check out this post!

Give Yourself Time

I always set my alarm early enough to allow myself 30-60 minutes of “me time” in the morning. During this time, I eat my breakfast and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. I also journal, read a chapter, or watch the news. Having time for myself in the morning lets me take my time waking up, instead of racing the clock. Ultimately, this leads to a more enjoyable and productive morning.

Don’t Hit Snooze

We’re all guilty of hitting snooze a few too many times in the morning. Sometimes, you just need to do it. However, on those mornings when you wake up wide awake at your first alarm, just get up! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up feeling great, only to hit snooze and wake up 15 minutes later groggy and annoyed. Getting up right away will help you feel more prepared to take on the day, and it will keep you in a better mood.

Avoid Social Media

It can be so easy to wake up and spend 15 minutes scrolling through social media. I urge you to resist! This is such a mindless activity, and it wastes so much valuable time in your day. Instead, take some time to focus on yourself. It’s important to embrace presence and live your own life instead of obsessing over someone else’s.

Have Something to Look Forward To

Something that always helps me get up the next day is having something to look forward to. For me, it’s often a cup of coffee or a chai latte. It could also be the cute new top you get to wear or the person you get to have lunch with. Whatever it may be, be grateful for it and use it to motivate your mood and energy that morning.

What are your tricks to being a morning person? Is there anything you look forward to doing every morning?

  • Kim

    I am a morning person and I always do the first thing on your list so that I can sleep soundly and not rush around in the morning:)

    • Emily

      Me time is my favorite part of the morning!

  • My #1 trick: have kids, lol. My kids wake me up by 7 am!

    • Emily

      Esther, you’re hilarious! I can only imagine how kids would alter my sleeping schedule.

  • I wake up early too but spend most of that time still in bed looking at my phone. It’s a habit that I really need to break!


    • Emily

      I used to be the same way, but I love my new routine. I try not to look at my phone until I’m done eating breakfast.

  • The snooze button is a killer! I have definitely seen the difference when I hit snooze vs when I get up. If you have that extra 20 minutes to hit snooze, you could set your alarm a little later to get more quality sleep.

    • Emily

      That’s a great way to think about it!

  • I always hit snooze at least 3 times, and the first thing I do is jump on social media. Some bad habits of mine. I use to be a morning person, but lately not too much.

    • Emily

      It comes in seasons! During the school year, I’m a total morning person. During the summer, I can turn it on and off.

  • I agree with all of your tips. I’m totally a morning person and I think it’s because I give myself time! I don’t feel rushed, and I can center myself before starting my busy day. Plus, I just love coffee!!

    • Emily

      Same here, girl. I love setting the coffee timer the night before. Then, I wake up to a house that smells like coffee. That gets me out of bed FAST!

  • Love this post!! Always looking for good tips to help me be more productive in the morning. I definitely need to work on getting my night routine down first.

    MaryClaire || Mainly MC 

    • Emily

      A night routine makes such a difference!

  • These are great tips. I have a “love-hate” relationship with my alarm clock and have realized that Iactually do need it!! True, giving myself time in the morning to wake slowly with a cup of coffee makes it easier. It takes practice and it is indeed possible to become a morning person.

    • Emily

      Practice makes perfect!

  • Very good tips, and i love your recommend

  • I’m a 100% night person, but trying to be better about getting to bed earlier so I can rise sooner. Totally agree that starting the night before makes a huge difference!

    • Emily

      Thanks, Rachel!

  • Great tips! I am so not a morning person but I hope once I’m working for myself that will change haha.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • Emily

      I always become more of a morning person after work starts up again in the fall!

  • This is something I am working hard at currently. My only problem is my bed simply loves me, and loves to cuddle with me! 😉

    • Emily

      Ugh, cuddly beds are just the worst! 😉

  • This is so helpful, I’m dreading my early college classes… but this list will for sure help me. Bless. I strive to be like you in the morning!

    Corsica | kissesfromcarolina.com

    • Emily

      Good luck! Early morning classes are always tough, but you’ll make it!

  • Thanks for these tips! I want to start getting up earlier to get more done in my day. I am going to really start doing it when my daughter goes back to school in 2 weeks.

    • Emily

      Back to school time is a game changer! Good luck!

  • I love getting up early and having me time before having to start the day. However I am guilty of scrolling through social media. 😳

    • Emily

      Me too sometimes, Jamie! That’s okay! It’s just a new habit to form.